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Claim Your FREE Fitness Class Today!

Try a FREE Fitness class today!

Claim your free fitness class at FLI Fitness. We have over 25 years experience in personal training in private and small groups, health coaching, fitness and weight loss classes. Our fitness classes are specially designed to suit you. The classes feature a mixture of high intensity, cardio and resistance exercises focused around circuit style training and our health coaching will help cope with the day to day stresses.

So if your goals are to lose weight, get fit and have more energy; then our personal touch ensures that we will adapt any class to suit your ability; but what we do not do is sell you fad diets or crazy new exercise techniques that simply don’t work

There are two ways to claim your FREE fitness class!

Claim Your Free FLI Fitness Class from FLI Fitness,Ashford Kent
Claim Your Free FLI Fitness Class with FLI Fitness

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